About Pledge7.org

The “law abiding” Citizens of America are egregiously being attacked by their own government!
The enemies of Freedom, Morality, and God Almighty, are aggressively seeking to eradicate our nation’s Sovereignty, Independence, along with the peoples Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties!
There is a way we can prevail, and successfully preserve and protect our freedoms and liberties, which is both Righteous and Constitutional. 


As Abraham Lincoln, in 1859 so eloquently stated;


“We the People are the “Rightful Masters” over both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who do pervert the Constitution.”






IF WE UNITE and all Pledge to spend a mere 7 minutes of time once a week, or even just once a month, then yes, we can reclaim our Authority. 


IMPERATIVE: It is essential that irregardless of which City and State one lives we must all “unite” our “voices” to collectively pursue the same objectives! From the comfort of our own homes we can all carry out the simple tasks outlined herein, all of which can be completed in approximately 7 minutes or less! 


God, and the Founders granted us with two ominous powers specifically to draw upon in the event their freedoms and liberties came under threat due to despots seeking to establish a tyranny. The First Amendment defines the first, and most ominous power granted to the people.


The “people’s” most “powerful” weapon are their voices when in ……. unison. From the onset of our nations establishment history has validated time and time again just how powerful we the peoples voices are when heard in unison.


The Pledge7 Plan; AREA (Americans Righteously Exercising their Authority) is based on the premise that in the United States today, there are well over fifty million patriotic citizens who embrace the core principles our nation was founded on; and yearn to see them be preserved and protected! The power behind the Plan stems from harnessing the voices of millions of people, who share in the common objective of saving our Country!


Sadly, it can no longer be said that our officials in the government view their role as one of servitude, wherein their first obligation was to ensure the safety of the people from our nations enemies, protecting our borders, diligently screening all those entering our nation for any potentially lethal diseases, bacteria, or viruses!


To the contrary, the US Federal government has become one of the people’s primary “enemies” who are now intentionally exposing the American people to potentially fatal threats to their lives, while at the same time seeking to eradicate their rights, freedoms, liberties, and preventing them from pursuing happiness!


The Pledge7 “objective’s” are clear, concise, and attainable, which are;


Restore Integrity to all 3 Branches of our government (Investigate, Indict, and Prosecute all those found to have violated their oath, the Constitution, and/or our nation’s laws, starting with the Executive Office)


Reestablish the Government’s primary duty, role and purpose, which includes protecting, defending, and preserving the people’s rights, freedoms, and liberties.(Repeal all legislation, and regulations which are unconstitutional, starting with Obamacare)


Reduce the size and scope of the government. (Begin the process of cutting spending by eliminating the unnecessary Programs, Departments, and Agencies, including the IRS.


Replace the Leadership in our government with God fearing, Patriotic, American’s who love their nation, and have a strong moral character loyal to their country.


Restructure the Tax Code.


Clearly, the road to recovery will be a long, arduous journey entailing the development of a plan to “undo” all the egregious policies which have fractured the foundation on which this nation was established. The restructuring process must unfold while at the same time minimizing any hardships the people will be faced with, yet are unavoidable. Once the initial remedies are in place we can all look forward to a stronger economy as a result of restoring the free markets, thereby breathing in new hope, and confidence for the entrepreneurs, the innovators, inventors, and all the American people. .


The Plan to accomplish these objectives will be executed in 3 separate Phases, please note;
Phase I – Harnessing the Power!


The initial Phase of AREA is focused on amassing its power base; which serves as the nucleus, from which all other Phases will utilize as the mega-force of power to implement, and maintain the enormous pressure it applies on its intended subject(s).
As the primary goal is devoted to amassing an enormous amount of power; our goal is to recruit 2 – 15 million freedom-loving citizens to participate in and exercise our authority by defending freedom!


This is the power we the people were granted, let us not squander the opportunity to transform it into the Mega-Force of Power God, and our Founders meant it to be!


Phase II – Restrict, Remove, and Repeal!
It is vital that all of the toxic policies enacted during the Obama years be eradicated in their entirety. Barack Obama is stripped of any and/or all authority over our government, and nation. The first step is to demonstrate the peoples resolve by making the appropriate notifications to not only the members of Congress, but also specific Law Enforcement Agencies who have been compiling the necessary evidence to indict Obama.


A Nation which allows its leaders to be “Above the Law” is a Tyranny. It is vital Barack Obama, and the Clintons be held accountable for the numerous crimes they have committed. Only then can we move forward with the confidence that those we entrust with our futures will understand that they too are going to be held accountable to the same laws as we are.


Phase III – Selecting New Leadership!
Initially, on a interim basis new leaders will assume the roles vacated by Obama, and those in his administration who also lost their seats in Congress.


Their objective will be to maintain stability, while Congress, during this time will cease from introducing or passing any new legislation, their presence being solely for the purpose of assisting the Interim Leadership in the Repeal and Restructure Process.


Once stability has been achieved the people will begin the selection process for determining which candidates meet with the per-qualifications vital to preserving the integrity of our government. Any candidate refusing to be fully vetted will be immediately rejected.


Pledge7 was established for the purpose of first, reclaiming the people’s authority over their government and secondly, to serve as a monitor of those in the government, ensuring that at the first sign of despotism, we the people can immediately extinguish it.


Accomplishing the initial Objectives of Pledge7 and AREA Plan is crucial to preserving, restoring, and protecting the people’s rights, freedoms, and liberties. In addition, there will be other aspects of our nation’s structure which will need some serious attention, primarily pertaining to the “news media” in America, and those who for decades have betrayed the people via broadcasting misinformation and falsehoods in an effort to “control” and “direct” the thoughts of the people. Freedom will never be secure so long as the people are prevented from knowing the truth!




The United States Constitution clearly establishes that it is the People who hold the authority over their government, not the other way around. As such, it is vital that the people immediately accept their responsibility by simply exercising their authority.


As the Declaration of Independence cites as one of the peoples duties, we must “throw off” the current government, and those who have abused and breached their oath of office in order to re-establish a moral and sound government, which will once again serve, and protect the people and their rights, freedoms, and liberties.


In order to fully comprehend the significance of rescinding the authority of Barack Obama one must be knowledgeable as to the specific consequences for failing to do so will comprise of! The most disastrous being the “precedent” that will be established forever insulating the President, and all elected officials from ever being held accountable for the laws and/or breaches they commit. In essence, we the people’s inaction will lead to the creation of a Totalitarianism; where the Dictator is above any laws, Constitution, or restrictions of any kind!


So long as we the people “allow” Barack Obama” to pervert the Constitution, violate our laws, and impose Marxist policies on them the sooner they will lose all their rights, freedoms, and liberties; and be left mute, no longer having a voice in what the government does.


The Plan “AREA” Structure


Each Pledge7 member agrees to contribute “7″ minutes of their time, once a week to carry out some simple tasks; sending an e-mail, making a call, or sending a fax. etc. Everything necessary for the task is provided by Pledge7 (See Tools, below).


Making the Pledge simply states that you promise to spend “7″ minutes, once a week, aligning with others who also seek to restore our Constitution, and our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties as granted to us by God and our Constitution.


Day and Time


Prior to the mission(s) implementation, each member will be notified, and receive all the information necessary for their carrying out their pledge.


Each Pledge7 Member is assigned a specific “day” of the week to carry out the pledge duties on. Determined by the first letter of the members last name; as follows,


Monday   –    A, B, C, D, V
Tuesday  -    E, F, G, H, W
Wednesday   I,  J,  K, L, X
Thursday      M, N, O, P, Y
Friday           Q, R, S, T, U, Z


The “time” of day each member will carry out their assignment is up to them, we only ask that they it be done sometime between 7 AM – 7 PM!




Pledge7 will provide each member with a Shout-Pak which will contain all the necessary tools to complete the pledgers assignment; including,


The Mission – A very detailed outline of what, and why the mission is vital to the primary objectives of Pledge7.


The Tasks – This will comprise of both the message and e-mail address of the intended recipient, simply cutting and pasting the information into your new message box, and hit send.


If a member is a Christian, we provide a short prayer to say prior to their executing their tasks.


Note: All Pledge7.org mission’s are both Righteous and Constitutional, we are solely devoted to honoring God the Father!

Days until Barack Obama is no longer President!