Don’t be fooled Again!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 @ 3:10PM

How could it be that the people in the USSR could embrace a monster like Vladimir Lenin, or Joseph Stalin? Or how could the Chinese people allow Mao tse Yung to attain complete power over them?


Well for one thing, they didn’t have the benefit of “history” to turn to which would provide them with the warning signs of what to watch for when choosing ones nations leaders. For the period of time that these Tyrants rose to power, and collectively murdered over 165 million of their own citizens occurred within a mere 30 year period.


We have the History


Today, we do have the benefit of history, yet, our nation is now entering into the final phase of the same communist takeover that caused the atrocities in Russia, China, Germany, North Korea, Cuba, et al.


The so called present day rulers are using the same lies and false promises to dupe masses into embracing them, and despite the witness of many of the same inflictions on human rights, and individual freedoms, millions continue to worship these despots, who have no care or concern for their well being.


Hillary Clinton has now been in the limelight for over 24  years, during which time not once did she demonstrate an ability to serve the people of our nation, instead, she has left a clear and concise list of demands as to how to serve her!


When Hillary decided that she wanted to be a Senator she utilized each and every devious tactic she perfected since college, and it didn’t hurt that her accomplice, Bill Clinton was the President.


But what State would want Hillary as a Senator? New York of course, the most liberal Marxist State in the union, but wait, she didn’t live in New York, and never did, but that problem was resolved as fast as it arose. Hillary’s real concern pertained to winning the election, and receiving more votes than her opponent.


During her uncovering every stone process Hillary became aware of the fact that in New York there was a significant “Puerto Rican” populace, and she wanted them to vote for her, and only her. How could she make that happen?


Fortunately for Hillary, unfortunate for the New Yorkers who were victims of the 16 FALN Puerto Rican Terrorists were serving “life sentences” for their 100 plus terrorist attacks in the USA, for Hillary Clinton was about to have them RELEASED from prison!


Despite objections from victims family members, the FBI, and local lawenforcement, Bill Clinton ordered his Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder to see to the release of the Puerto Rican Terrorists…. and it was done.


It worked, along with a few other tricks up their sleeves, Hillary Clinton became a New York US Senator, all in the tradition of the mafiaso!


Hillary suffers from many personality disorders, a pathological liar, narcissism, and sociopathic tendancies allow her to make decision which lead to the unnecessary deaths of people, such as the American lives lost in Benghazi.


The bottom line is this, Hillary Clinton’s allegiance has never been with the United States, like Bill Clinton, it has always been with the United Nations and the Globalists, and if elected her orders are clear and concise; kill America.


George Soros had a dream, seeing the complete and utter destruction of the USA, stripping away of its independence and sovereignty, and forcing it into subservience under the United Nations One world government rule. In his mid 80′s now he has accelerated the implimentation of their destructive tactics.


Innundate the United States Populace with a massive illegal alien invasion, including ISIS members, murderers, rapists, and the sickly who are infected with various diseases.


Ensuring the economy remains anemic, while at the same time issuing bogus reports that falsely portray the economy as improving. For example, the unemployment rate is now over 23%, yet the government, having perverted the data and formula want the people to believe that it is under 6%.


Hillary has enriched herself with billions of dollars from many of our enemy nations, in exchange for many unknowns that in the end will assuredly hurt the American People. The breach of Security protocol plaguing Hillary simply validates what we already know, Hillary is either incompetent, a liar, a traitor, and or all three, but she is not trustworthy in any way shape or form.


Hillary would love to eradicate whatever evidence remains that this is a Christian nation, and see to it that every Christian is either imprisoned or eliminated.


We need God first, and we need someone who loves, not loathes America.


Donald Trump is the right choice.


We the people must restore God back into His rightful place in our naiton.







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