Gun Control! If Only People knew……

Monday, March 21st, 2016 @ 10:23AM

If more of the American people knew even the most basic facts pertaining to the Obama Administrations obsession with disarming the Law Abiding American citizens, the majority of the people would support putting him on a boat headed for Cuba with a big “don’t come back” message tattooed on his forehead!


For instance, if the people knew that Obama, who has increased the size and scope more than any President before him, adding over 165 Agencies and Departments for Obamacare alone, only shut down 1 Agency, and that agency was the NDIC (National Drug Intelligence Center) which tracked and collected vital information regarding the massive increase in the number of well armed drug gangs in America, which had worked closely with all Law Enforcement for over 20 years.


Their last report was released in 2011, which revealed that since Obama took office the number of gangs in the USA increased by over 5,000 new gangs, increasing the total number to over 32,000 gangs.


Furthermore, the report noted that of the 11,000 murders involving a gun in the USA over 62% were committed by gangs!


Obama’s response to these facts was to shut the NDIC down immediately, for he did not want the American people to be privy to this type of information, for it might make them think twice before turning over their guns.


Couple that with the fact that within a mere 30 year period over 160 million were murdered …….. by their own governments ……………. after first being required to register their guns ……  followed by their guns being confiscated, and once disarmed came the mass murders.
To put things into perspective, it would take over 8,065 years at the current murder rate involving guns in the USA to equal the number of people slaughtered by their communist governments in just 30 years.


The Founding Fathers incorporated the Second Amendment for one reason, and one reason only. It had nothing to do with hunting for food, but everything to do with providing the people with the ability to defend against tyrants and despots seeking to eradicate the peoples freedoms, which is exactly what has been transpiring these past 30 plus years, and is now on the fast track.


Gun confiscation ALWAYS accompanies a communist takeover, as does mass murder of those who resist living under tyranny.
BTW – The Obama administration is not interested in confiscating the gangs weapons; simply due to the fact that the gang members could care less about their Constitutional rights! As such, they pose no threat to the government; but only the people.


One other note regarding the Obama administrations bogus claim that his justification for wanting to disarm we the people is for our OWN safety is not just a lie, but quite possibly the biggest whopper of a lie ever told.


A President who cared about his nations people safety would never promote an “open” borders policy which has lead to the death of many innocent American’s as a result of importing myriads of deadly diseases, rapists, and murderers. Never before have the American people faced the threat of terrorism as they do today, Obama’s policy has made it a cake walk for ISIS to simply walk into our nation. The American people will suffer greatly for allowing Obama and Congress to betray us on a daily basis.


Furthermore, this evil policy has deprived legal citizens from finding jobs, as Obama has enacted special tax breaks to any company who hires an illegal. No such credit is offered for hiring a legal citizen.


No, Obama does not care about the well being of the Legal Citizens of the United States, nor does he care about the Illegal aliens either, to Obama, it is about creating whatever new crisis he can that will weaken the American people’s ability to fend off a communist takeover.


We are there folks. If you want to learn the rest of the irrefutable facts regarding gun control, and the other issues which are about to deprive our children from knowing what life under freedom is like, then log onto

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