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Thinking American’s acknowledge the Federal Governments burning desire to “disarm” them; more specifically, the law abiding citizens!


What about the 33,000 plus well armed violent gangs currently roaming the streets of America? Is the Federal Government doing anything to disarm them? After all, 99% of their weapons are either stolen and/or provided by the US Federal Governments “Fast & Furious” gun running scheme?


The facts will provide the answer to both of those questions; starting with no, the Fed is not interested in disarming the violent  gangs in America, truth is, the government could care less as to how many weapons the growing number of gangs possess, they after all, are not God fearing, Second Amendment,  Constitution supporting citizens; which in the eyes of this Federal Government view as their biggest enemy!


Consider the fate of the NDIC (National Drug Intelligent Center) for instance, which Barack Obama shut down in 2011 for providing crucial intelligence to the various Law Enforcement Agencies fighting crime in all 50 US States! The NDIC 2011 Report (their last) once again validated that the gang crisis in the United States was only getting worse, that in less than five years the number of violent, heavily armed gangs increased from 28,000 to over 33,000 gangs!


Further, that over 62% of the homicides in the USA involving the use of a gun were committed by gang members!


Why on earth would Barack Obama shut down a key player in the war against drugs and gangs, which for over 20 years worked closely with the FBI, Sheriff Departments, the DEA, and other Law Enforcement Agencies? Answer: This is not the type of information that the Obama Administration wants broadcast to the American people during a time when he is attempting to con them into surrendering their weapons under the guise that they will be “safer” for doing so!


Founding Father Noah Webster correctly stated;
“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe! The supreme power (government)  in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of people are “armed” and constitute a force superior to any body of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.”


In the United States approximately 11,000 people are murdered each year in which a gun was involved, not including suicides.


Within a 70 year time span in the last century, the 1900′s; governments slaughtered, executed, and murdered over 150 million of their own citizens in acts of genocide! At the current annual murder rate in the USA It would take 8,080 years for the total number of victims to equal the number of people killed by their governments in less than 70 years!


The common denominator between the Soviet Union, Germany, North Korea, China, Vietnam, and the other Dictator led countries was that prior to the mass murders the people were first forced to “register” their guns, which were then confiscated, leaving the people disarmed when the government slaughter’s were carried out.


In every major study conducted pertaining to the impact on crime “gun control” makes, the findings are always the same, the more gun control in place the higher the murder rate! It is for this reason that you won’t hear Obama and/or the other Marxists in our government boast about some “study” conducted by such and such University!


One of the largest studies ever conducted on the issue of gun control was requested by a President who desperately wanted to enact stricter gun control laws, President Jimmy Carter, who requested a friend, and Professor at the University of Massachusetts, James Wright, which when completed comprised of three volumes, titled “under the gun.” However, the findings were not what Carter wanted, as they supported the truth that “more gun control” led to higher murder rates.


That is not to say that Obama and the Government are not going to be able to get some College or University to provide them with a study reflecting the finding they want, just like the unemployment rate, to this government lies, deception, and conning the people more than qualify for their “ends justify the means” rule!


Irregardless of what study they conjure up, their findings will be bogus, based on falsehoods, and will be easy to refute; history will more than squash anything this evil government could produce! However, that said, the government will produce the phony reports knowing that the “useful idiots” in America will believe whatever they are told, and never actually “read” anything!


In America, the government has already successfully duped we the people to register our guns, and if it were not for the fact that a majority of American Patriotic Citizens own guns, they would have confiscated them by now.


Currently, the Federal Government is discretely advancing programs which are designed to “confiscate” the people’s arms without their knowing it, such as “Operation Choke Point” which is where federal regulators pressure banks and other financial institutions to not do business with customers operating in what they consider “high risk” industries; manufacturers of guns, ammo, gun dealers, and any other industry the Marxist Regime wants to snuff out.


We the people are our only line of defense, and we need to unite, as one, under God, and exercise our rightful authority before it too is confiscated.

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Leon hoskison
April 28, 2015 at 5:01 pm

They lie to us on gun control, just like they do on Global Warming , Everything they say is a lie !!! right now, there are only 2 people i would trust! that is Scott Walker / or Rand Paul, an his father !!! I like Cruz, but he is not eligible, as for Rubio, NEVER , Ever, he is also not eligible !!!

Environmentally Safe
September 21, 2015 at 11:58 pm

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