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Saturday, April 1st, 2017 @ 12:55PM

When did the United States Federal Government alter its view on the sanctity of life?


When did those in Washington D.C. abandon their primary fiduciary obligation to preserve, and protect the lives of each and every American citizen?


The downfall of America can be directly attributed to “2″ Supreme Court Decisions, the first being in 1963, and the ruling that would ban prayer, and the teaching of the Holy Bible in our Public Schools …… despite the fact that the Bible was the primary text used in our education system for over 300 years. Despite the fact that in 1892, in the case; Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States the U.S. Supreme Court ruled “The United States is a Christian Nation.”


The second destructive ruling came in 1973, when the Supreme Court once again ruled against God, Morality, and Decency via legalizing the hideous, and grotesque murder of the human races most innocent, babes, growing in their mothers womb …… which God created to be the safest place on earth for them to begin their journey, but which the Court and those arguing for its legalization wanted it be a “death” chamber.


So the non believers, and the Left in America celebrate these travesties as victories, which in itself is beyond belief.


From the birth of our nation in 1776 the United States Federal Government’s Primary Purpose for being was to ensure that the American citizenry were The “life” of each and every American citizen was considered sacred, precious, and worth protecting at all costs During our nation’s first 190 years of existence, the Federal Government defined “life” as sacred, precious, a gift from our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ!


Today in America, life is not valued as being worth that much, murdering another human being usually leads to a lessor sentence in prison than many less egregious crimes. When a teen girl attending her High School Prom can discretely give birth in the Girls Restroom, wrap it in some paper towels and throw the baby into the trash, and then return to the dance for a fun night; it exposes just how detached from morality society as a whole, in America have become!


These types of behaviors are ingrained into our children via the federal government, their accomplices in the malignstream media, and Hollywood; desensitizing people to all the various types of horrors, evils, and immoral behaviors being promoted, and celebrated openly! How on earth can we expect our children to cherish life when their government is legalizing the murder of these little precious beings, which many have held in their arms as an older sibling.


Over the past ten years the Obama Administration, in addition to exponentially multiplying the number of abortions in the U.S. and around the world, many other programs and policies were enacted that led to the death of many American citizens, all of which would never had occurred if Obama, and Congress had simply upheld their fiduciary obligations to the  Constitution, and American people!


Abortion – Barack Obama is the king of abortion! (May God have Mercy on his soul) Approximately 6 million babies have been murdered during Obama’s Presidency thus far, not including those outside the USA.


Amnesty – The government’s open border policy is subjecting the American people to a host of foreign diseases, viruses, and bacteria solely for the purpose of advancing Obama’s agenda to destroy America by attacking it on all sides, and weakening our nation militarily, medically, morally, ethically, economically, and Spiritually. Exposing the American people to an onslaught of illnesses simply cannot be classified as an unfortunate consequence stemming from Obama’s irresponsibility; without question this is an act of hostility against our nation by its Presidents Refusal to Deport Illegal’s – Approximately 4,300 innocent American citizens in the US were murdered last year by illegal aliens, many of which had already been arrested for other crimes, yet never deported.


Obamacare  As the chart below indicates, (provided by Ezekiel Emmanuel) Obama appointee to oversee Obamacare.  Life has little value until one reaches about 18 years old, and by the time a person reaches 50 their value of life diminishes rapidly. This form of communist engineering is designed to eliminate burdens to the “government” so that they don’t have to take care of those who become useless to them! Life is not sacred, it is merely something to be exploited by those who crown themselves gods!


Barack Obama spent the first year in office deceiving, and lying to the American people as to what Obamacare would be! Recently, an architect of Obamacare,  Jonathan Gruber revealed how President Obama viewed the people as being very stupid, and too dumb to figure out what Obamacare was really about.


The Affordable Health Care Act was never about affordability, nor was it about providing them with Health Care, it was, and is solely about empowering the government via having total control over their health! The value of a person’s life is now going to be determined by some strangers in the government!.


Military - The Policies of the Obama administration have empowered our nations enemies; the Islamic Terrorists, via providing them with classified US intelligence documents, revenue, rebuilding their mosques, providing them aircraft and arms, and remaining silent about the ongoing Christian persecution going on in the same countries the Mosques are being remodeled using US tax dollars.


Islamic Terrorist Attacks – The US Federal Government, which is being led by Marxists, and Muslims who are committed to advancing the policies, laws, and dominance of both of these evil systems of control. Even before Obama officially took office he was busy coordinating the expansion of Islam into the United States, pushing hard for a 33 story Islam Training Center to be built at Ground Zero, along with making special appointments into his administration specifically for the purpose of integrating Shariah Law into our courts!


Is the primary role of the President of the United States; to make life for its “legal” citizens as miserable as humanly possible? 


President Donald Trump is the answer to millions and millions of prayers by those American Citizens who, like the Founders embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, and thank God for His Blessings, while seeking His forgiveness for all those who have betrayed Him.


Life is sacred, and precious.


Simply pretending there is no border between the nations is not being loving, it is wholly disrespecting what God established, and voluntarily abandoning the use of ones mind, as God instructs us to.


The Deceptive tactics employed by the Democrats, the Marxists, Globalists, and RINO’s in our government are purely evil in nature, including the ludicrous assertion that all those who oppose amnesty reject immigrants. Our nation has welcomed immigrants into our nation from going back to our founding, though, all that is asked that everyone desirous of becoming a citizen simply go through a process which is designed to ensure that their intentions are pure, that they are not inflicted with a contagious disease, and that they become acquainted with our nations guiding principles, laws, and Constitution. Finally, that they take an oath to the USA that even surpasses the loyalty to the nation they left!


To require these simple expectations has never been a problem, and has achieved its goals to both embrace immigration from around the world while at the same time preserving, and protecting the foundational principles, structure, and security of the American people from any and all threats.


Those who suggest we abandon the Naturalization process altogether are NOT loving people who seek to simply provide an opportunity for all to come to America ……………… in that America would cease to exist, as would the opportunities which were only made possible when the Principles, Morals, and Structure of this nation are diligently adhered to.


The Left is very much aware of that fact, and as such, is evidence of their desire to see the great Nation that God Almighty, and those who entrusted all in Him created; come to an end, and fall under the Rule of the most evil organization ever to be formed in the world, the United Nations.

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