Nation in Stagnation!

Friday, January 2nd, 2015 @ 3:00PM

For fifty plus years the Christians have remained silent as their leaders advanced an agenda of evilness, even though they make up the vast majority of the population in the United States of America for each of its 236 years!

In 1963, the not so supreme Court banned the teaching of the Bible in our Public School Education System, this after the Bible had been the cornerstone of our education system for over 183 years, and over 92% of the population were Christian.

Ten years later, the not so supreme court once again ruled in favor of evil when they legalized the murder of innocent infants………………….so long as they were in still in their mother’s womb!

Where were the Christian People?

How could they just sit back and accept these Rulings of 9 mortal men?

Fifty years later and our nation is wrought with immorality, and the government is now the biggest promoter of immoral behavior, advancing evil with each and every new policy and/or legislation enacted.

Abortion on demand, gay marriage is now more politically correct than heterosexual ones, and being an illegal citizen now has major advantages over being a legal one!

The leaders of the Government are not loyal to neither the People or God of the Bible, their allegiance is with those who have sworn to annihilate us from the face of the earth, and yet, they remain in office!

One cannot fault God for the failings of the Christian people in our nation, so it must lie with the people themselves, who apparently are unfamiliar with what the Bible teaches pertaining to the Christian’s responsibility toward those who advance evil.

In the New Testament, Romans 13: 1-3 states

Sadly, too many Christians assume that God wants them to simply obey and bow down to their government regardless of what evil it promotes, under the false notion that God doesn’t want them to stand against the government even if it does.

Unfortunately, this stems from their misinterpretation of the Bible, and its instructions when it comes to our duties as citizens to a government.

For example,  Romans 13: 1-3 reads: “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.  For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same.”

To correctly interpret Gods instructions we must first understand in what context His statements were made, in Romans 13:1 He is instructing us to be subject to our leaders, but acknowledges that there is no power but of Himself.

Romans 13:3 states “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.”

Again, the leader being referred to is a God fearing one, and would only promote good works, and oppose anything considered to be evil by God.

Romans 13:4 states “For he is the minister of God to thee for good.” Again, the inference is that our leader is to serve as a minister of God over us for our good.

Those we refer to as the leaders in our Government are not worthy of our being subject to them, for they are not seeking to do good works, nor are they interested in what is good for us, but they most certainly are promoting that which is evil in the sight of God!

They are not a terror to evil, but are now a terror to good works!

There are countless scriptures in the Bible that teach us that we are to be obedient to God over man, including;

Hebrews 11:23  ”By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months by his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment.”

Hebrews 11:27  ”By faith Moses forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.”

Matthew 15:9  ”And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.”

Acts 5:40-42  ”And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. And daily in the temple, and in every house, they never ceased from teaching and preaching Jesus Christ.”

God asked: Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?  Psalm 94:16

It was God, not man Who provided us with our freedoms and liberties, and it was God and the Founders who granted us with two weapons of power to fight off tyranny, our voices, and our guns.

Why is it that the people have never harnessed the power they were given? For fifty years the voices of the Christians in our nation have been silent, like a mouse scurrying around the house seeking a hole to crawl into!

If this offends my Christian brothers and sisters it is not intended to, it is however intended to encourage that we all make a serious effort to examine our walk with the Lord, have we really stood up for God against evil?

While we are here on earth we have a calling from God, first to witness to others about the Love of Jesus, and to live our lives in such a way that stands out from those living for the world, for we are not of the world, but of God, and heaven is our home!

But Jesus called us to do good works! What does that mean?

First, what it does not mean is to tolerate sin, or evil, it does not mean that we are simply to mind our own business whenever evil is in our presence, and while our leaders further Satan’s agenda!

That is not considered as doing good works, it is considered a sin, for to do nothing is the same as participating in the sin.

There are times when Christians must rebel against man in order to obey God, to think otherwise is to support the notion that our Founders should have simply surrendered to Tyranny!

The government is comprised of men and women, some who worship false gods, some who believe they are gods, yet we, the Christian Citizens are not to worship or support anyone who promotes evil, including those in our government.

Revelation 3:15, 16 – “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

When Jesus discovered a fig tree with nothing but leaves on it, He cursed the tree and caused it to wither away;

“And seeing a fig tree by the road, He came to it and found nothing on it but leaves, and said to it, “Let no fruit grow on you ever again.”Immediately the fig tree withered away.” Matthew 21:19

John the Baptist warned us that if we do not do good things we too will be destroyed.

Matthew 3:10 – “And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

God calls us to love Him with all our heart, with all of our strength, but He also calls us to love Him with all of our “minds”.

Truth is vital to God, for He hates a liar, he hates those with Pride, He abhors Homosexuality and Abortion, those truths are without question!

As American citizens we only have a voice in America, as per the Constitution provides, and though we have brothers and sisters in nations around the world, we do not have a voice in their governments, and as such we must use our voices for doing good works, for glorifying God, for advancing Righteousness.

Only God’s will matters when it comes to whether our nation will fall, or remain standing for a season longer, but we the people must always stand against evil regardless.

God has delayed a nations destruction:

2 Kings: In the 18th year of King Josiah he decided to rebuild the Temple,  during which the ‘Book of the Law’ was found in the house of the LORD, and was then read to King Josiah;

For great is the wrath of the LORD that is aroused against us: Josiah knew that the kingdom of Judah deserved judgment from God. He could not hear the word of God and respond to the Spirit of God without seriously confronting the sin of his kingdom.

Then King Josiah tore his clothes and wept after learning that his Kingdom was about to be destroyed, but God, having heard his weeping and seeing him tearing his garment sent word to King Josiah, informing him that King Josiah’s kingdom would not be destroyed during Josiah’s lifetime.

With God all things are possible!

That is why as Christians we must be both faithful and obedient, for only God knows what tomorrow will bring, but we do play a role in our own destiny.

Let us join together all of our voices in unison, like Joshua in the OT, Chapter 20: 1-6 when the people demonstrated both their obedience and faith by marching around the City of Jericho for seven days, seven times on the seventh day, after which they came to a complete stop and in unison gave a great “shout” after which the walls came tumbling down.

God did not need the people to march or shout, but He needs to see that we are willing to stand up in obedience against the evil doers, and in faith, shout!

Please join us in our mission to restore our nation in a plan that is both righteous and Constitutional. Make your pledge of 7 minutes once a week, that’s all we ask.

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Thomas Haj
November 18, 2014 at 5:29 am

I have lived these last 50 years, seeing the silence of the Christians as our country slowly became less and less God fearing. I have warned them nonstop on how our silence was permitting evil to win, yet they would always respond in words similar to these: ” That’s obviously your opinion but I am doing the right thing. I pray every day, I do good things, I have not killed anyone. God accepts what I do. If you want to get involved in politics, God will not look favorably upon that. Don’t talk about this anymore.”, and would walk away knowing that they were right and I wrong.
Martin Luther King Jr. once said that an ungodly law was not to be obeyed. This is supported by the Bible’s saying: “Render unto Caesar what belong to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”. Many Christians mistake this to mean we must obey whatever the government tells us, but Jesus came not to change the Old Testament’s law but to fulfill it. And what does the old law say but that ” The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof”, in other words (very important) what truly belongs to Caesar or any of us? Nothing! It entirely belongs to God, and that is Whose law we are to follow.
Some Christians use a slightly different explanation today. After seeing how evil is winning in this nation, they say ” These are the end-times. Accept what is happening because the Lord’s return is nigh.”.
Although I battle many inner demons, I will still go down fighting for what is Godly, to the best of my ability.

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January 12, 2015 at 10:52 pm

I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone
to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to design my
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