Sold! Escrow is about to close on America.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016 @ 11:48AM

America is a huge piece of real estate, and one would think that the asking price for such a prime piece of land would be very high!


That however was not the case, in fact, the sellers didn’t even have a signed listing agreement giving them the authority to sell off/out their country. Of course violating our Constitution and Laws has never been a deterrent to the traitors currently in control of our government.


Despite the illegality of the sale, all aspects pertaining to the transfer of ownership are moving forward …… at a very rapid pace. Something that U.S. citizens need to curb immediately if they have any hope whatsoever to see their children grow up in a free country!


Currently, the United Nations has provided the mega deposit as agreed into Escrow, and is now expecting the transfer to proceed as promised, ensuring that agreed upon closing date will be kept. George Soros, (Globalist of the Year, 2011) is now 85 years old, and as one of the key Purchasing Agents demanded that the transfer be done expeditiously, as it has been a long time dream of his to see America fall, and his time is running out.


Of course, the traitors in our government were happy to comply to Mr. Soros request, after all, he is their employer!


The next step is to ensure that the American people are preoccupied with a myriad of crisis, problems, issues, concerns, and assaults on their safety, freedom, rights, and ability to provide and care for their families. It is essential to keep the people oblivious as to the sale of their nation, and there is no more effective way to accomplish that than bombarding them  with economic hardships, inciting riots, hatred, via race, class, and opening the borders and inviting millions of people (ISIS included) to flock across the border will indeed divert their attention away from what their government is doing.


The four year Escrow agreed to commenced on January 20, 2013, the day Obama was inaugurated for the second time as President. All details for the sale must be completed no later than January 20, 2017, which will be the day the United States will cease to exist, along with its Declaration of Independence, and Constitution.


Note: As per the terms of the sales contract, Section III, Article 2 states; For ceremonious purposes both the Declaration and Constitution will be turned over to George Soros personally, for his planned bonfire celebration of America’s demise. 


As for the People of the United States, the plan is to notify them after the transaction has been completed, and in anticipation of a massive outcry all the necessary elements to enact a strict martial law will be in place, and ready to eliminate any and all resistors.


On June 11, 2017, the United Nations President will address the bond-servants (formerly American citizens) as to what their new government (the UN) will expect from each of them, and over the coming months they will all receive their assignments as to the labor they will contribute for their leaders.


Many will view this writing as satire, a joke, or fiction, but I assure you this is real.


This nation has been sold to the enemies, and their puppets are in control of our government. What have we done to prevent the loss of our personal freedoms, liberties, and rights?


And no, you cannot include those who fought and died for this country, for they too are being betrayed by their government, and the people!


That is correct, when the good people in this nation do nothing in the face of the promoters of evil then they have failed not only themselves and their children, but also their fellow patriots.


Is it too late?


No, however, it will require the Patriots to stand together, and in unison use the voice that God and the Founders provided them, the most powerful force in existence here in America.

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