Standing with God is Standing with Trump!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 @ 9:48PM

Thank God for Donald Trump, thank Donald Trump for being a man of his word.
Christians don’t view their earthly leaders as gods, they view them as people who may deserve the respect and obedience from others, optimally due to their moral character.
Liberals however view their leaders as if they were gods, depending on them for everything in life almost without exception. Money, what to eat, what to drink, and how to think. The Clintons for instance are masters at telling their followers what they want to hear, making promises that only God Himself could make.
What the American people must come to understand is what, why, and who are the Democrats and RINO’s in Congress working for, as it certainly is not the American people. No, no, no, these evil doers have been bought and paid for by the world’s Globalists, those who are aggressively seeking to eradicate our nations Sovereignty and Independence in order to empower the UN to take complete control over our nations resources, wealth, people, and future.
Standing with Trump is standing with God, for God chose Trump first, and unless we stand united against those who seek our destruction, we will lose our rights, freedoms, and liberties.
We the Peoples enemies are dispersed around the world, many can be found in our own government, the Democrat Party is no longer the Party of JFK, and the RINO’s who stand with the Democrats all serve the same masters, the Globalists.
Make no mistake, if the USA falls under the control of the UN as the Clintons, the Obama’s have been pursuing, the people will lose their rights, freedoms, and liberties, and will be condemned to a life under bondage, the sole reason our founders chose to fight rather than to succumb to.
Pray for Trump, America, and please stay well informed.




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