Stand with Trump!

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 @ 9:48PM

We the people were on the verge of losing our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties forever!


In 1963, with over 90% of the American people claiming their faith to be Christian, they sat idly by while 8 of 9 mere mortal Supreme Court Justices (All are deceased) Evicted God from our Public Schools, and we have allowed the assaults on our Creator and those who walk with Jesus Christ to intensify.


Where were “We the People” and why did we allow this ruling to stand?


Complacency, and Apathy swept over the land and rendering them useless, self absorbed, and disinterested in anything not immediately impacting their personal lives.


The next fifty years would be under the sole direction of our nations enemies; the communists, globalists, and those who have sought our destruction since our founding.


Joe McCarthy was right, a war hero who valiantly attempted to warn the American people that our enemies were here, in our government, and in Hollywood. Tragically, the Malign Stream Media was already working for the Marxists and successfully portrayed Joe as a kook, and our nation has suffered immensely as a result.


Had Hillary taken over this nation, the American people would have seen their rights, freedoms, and liberties evaporate into thin air, and their futures would have be restricted to a life under oppression.


God has answered the Prayers of the Millions of God Fearing American citizens, He has responded to the cries of repentance, all the tears, and we all need to fall on our knees and thank Him for providing us with this opportunity to right the wrongs, to restore the Morals and Ethics He established for all.


This is the time we all need to be united as one, and standing together with President Donald Trump, whom God chose as the one He chose  for us to fight the evil doers with!


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