The Devils Workshop!

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 @ 6:58PM

It was once stated that “idle hands” are the Devil’s workshop!


However, it is not always the idle hands that are doing the bidding for the Devil, the hands of a majority of those leading our government today are maliciously pursuing our nations enemies agenda, all of which is designed to forever eradicate the United States sovereignty and independence, and forcing we the people into subservience under the Rule of the Evil UN.


The ideology, and agenda Barack Hussein Obama is pursuing diametrically opposes the Principles embraced by the Founding Fathers, and Almighty God. Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, like their mentor communist Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals” (which he dedicated to Lucifer) have devoted their lives to destroying the things that God and our Founders established.


As President of the United States Barack Obama proclaimed;  ”whatever the United States was before, it is no longer a Christian nation”, and;  ”the United States is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.”


Absurd? Of course, given the fact that today over 76% of the people in our nation continue to embrace the Christian faith, and less than 3% of our nation’s population are Muslim. But Obama and the Clintons aren’t talking about today, they are projecting as to what is to be in the very near future.


President Bill Clinton, President Obama, and God forbid, President Hillary Clinton have and are committed to finishing what Bill Clinton started when his subprime home loan scheme successfully toppled the greatest economy on earth, toppling America.
The “Devil made them do it” would not be a false statement, for who else would promote the idea that a nation established by Christians would someday evict God from its presence? Who else would establish a law “banning” the Holy Bible from our education system, which for well over 183 years was its foundation?


In 1963 eight out of nine mortal human beings on the Supreme Court decided for the entire nation that the Holy Bible, and the teachings of God were no longer acceptable to teach our children, which Justice Potter Stewart, the one dissenting vote blasted the ruling and pointing out that , ”It led not to true neutrality with respect to religion, but to the establishment of a religion of atheism.”


And so it was from that year forward that the Devil’s workshop was established, and appropriately supplied with all the necessary tools it would need to advance the agenda of the Devil, which the little demons in our government utilized very effectively, such as the primary principle embraced by the Obama’s and Clinton’s; Saul Alinsky’s “the ends justify the means.”


In 1947 Communist, mass murderer, and Dictator Joseph Stalin stated that “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life”.
His assertion that if these three core elements could be destroyed the United States would destroy itself, and collapse from within have been proven out to be true to a tee!


The Devil wasted no time in advancing his agenda after the 1963 Supreme Court banning God from our schools, for it was later in that same decade that the people in our nation were introduced to the sexual revolution, flower children, LSD, free love, free sex, and Hollywood began its quest to romanticize sexual immorality, drug use, along with desensitizing people to murder and immoral behaviors.


The Malignstream Media, and liberal Professors did their part in helping the Devil, they began the demonetization of the US Military, and indoctrinating students to develop a great disdain for their own country.


Patriotism, morality, and faith in God all were under attack commencing in 1963, and just ten years later in 1973 the Supreme Court struck again, this time legalizing the murder of innocent babies, so long as they were trapped in their mothers’ wombs.


Now, fifty years later the United States has mutated into a Sodom and Gomorrah type Society of people, where the things God labeled as right are considered wrong, morality has been trumped by immorality, and like never before in our history, the people hold more hatred for their fellow citizens than those of enemy nations!


Yes, the Devil has made good use out of his workshop, and unbeknownst to them, the people of this nation provided him with the resources he needed to destroy their nation, and steal the futures away from their children and childrens children!


The Devil brought forth the people who were loyal to him, and these demons have been industrious, stealing the monies from those who earn it, lying to them, deceiving them, and incrementally depriving them of their rights, freedoms, and liberties! They have used these tools to establish egregious, and evil laws, regulations, and policies specifically designed for the purpose of attaining complete control and power over their lives, reducing them back into the bondage our founding fathers sacrificed all to flee from!


Let us have the resolve to tear down the Devil’s workshop and prevent him from being able to complete his tearing down of the nation that God, and our founders established, let us stand shoulder to shoulder, and enjoin our voices in unison, whereby the massive power it manifests will be heard in all four corners of the earth!


Paul Harvey, in 1965 recorded the infamous “If I were the Devil” which chillingly predicted exactly what has transpired these past fifty years. To view simply click on this link
Join Pledge7 and restore God to His rightful domain over our nation. We need His protection.

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