Unemployment Rate 23% & Rising

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 @ 7:14AM

Millions upon millions of people in America are oblivious as to what the state of the US Economy is today, in fact, the majority have embraced the false, fictitious, and deceptive “economic” reports released by the Obama administration as being true and correct!

The truth pertaining to how dismal our economy is now at a point which even the greatest illusionist in the world, Barack Obama and his troupe in Congress can conceal any longer.  After years of enacting thousands of pages of government regulations designed to kill the fishing, farming, manufacturing, coal, oil, and just about each and every other industry in the USA, the inevitable is now taking hold, yes, many industries are dying.

What you will discover after reviewing the information provided herein will reveal the true state of the U.S. economy via outlining the factual data pertaining to the pertinent “economic” indicators which the Obama administration immediately began perverting in order to deceive the people into thinking that his policies were helping the economy!

The most obvious economic indicator turned to is the “Unemployment Rate” which over the decades has fluctuated up and down, up during times of economic hardship, and down when the economy is strong!

According to the Obama administration, the Unemployment Rate in the U.S. has “without” fail fallen steadily after supposedly peaking in 2009. Starting in 2010 the Unemployment began its descent,

January 2010 – 9.8%

January 2011 – 9.2%

January 2012 – 8.3%

January 2013 – 8.0%

January 2014 – 6.6%

January 2015 – 5.8%

This is simply astonishing, considering the U.S. economy has only gotten weaker, with only negligible short lived improvements!

How could it be that the U.S. GDP started a 3 Quarter plunge commencing in the 2nd Quarter of 2010 when the rate was 3.9% and by the First Quarter of 2011 plummeted all the way down to -1.6%, or when in the First Quarter of 2014 plunged to -3% yet never once did the unemployment situation in America reflect what all the other indicators did, that being that the U.S. economy was NOT improving, but instead was getting worse!

The simple explanation is that the US Government is “lying” to the people, and has been deceiving them since day one with respect to much more than just bogus economic reports!

By reviewing the factual data below it exposes just how egregious the U.S. government’s deception really is;

In 2008 the United States Workforce comprised of 145 million people. Today, the U.S. Workforce is comprised of 148.5 million people.  Which simply means that over the past 7 years only 3.5 million additional jobs were created, which alone exposes just how absurd the governments claims really are.

When we factor in another key element of  the employment situation in America, the number of people “Not in the Workforce” we find even more disturbing truths, in 2008 there were 79 million people not in the workforce, but today that number has increased dramatically to over 95 million people, an increase of over 16 million nonexistent jobs!

In essence, commencing in 2009; for every single job created, four (4) jobs were lost.

Taking into consideration the significant increase to our nation’s population, which in 2008 was at 304 million people, and today is somewhere between 324 – 330 million people, an increase of at least 20 million people, more than likely being much higher due to the massive illegal invasion, which exacerbates the unemployment crisis even more.

The Unemployment situation in America is in crisis, and only getting worse! The 45,000 plus government regulations enacted by Obama these past few years, mostly targeting whatever small businesses are left attempting to eke out a living as part of the objective to stamp out Capitalism forever is leading to more joblessness. Today, most of the jobs that are being offered are part time, minimum wage, or temporary, which simply means that our nation’s workforce is even worse than what we thought it was!

HOW and WHY!

How was the Federal Government able to report such bogus information without someone knowing it?

Fair question, of course, it is important to remember that as a follower of communist Saul Alinsky, Obama lives by the rule that the “ends justify the means.” The trickery really has to do with the millions and millions of people who lost their jobs since 2009, which at one time were factored in the unemployment criteria used to determine what the Unemployment Rate was.

That is no longer the case, in essence, anyone who is unemployed, yet is not actively seeking work “weekly”, and/or those who no longer can collect unemployment benefits are now considered to be “dead” and “gone” and are no longer accounted for in the unemployment data, its as if they simply when “poof” and disappeared despite the fact that they are both alive, and unemployed!

By simply subtracting millions and millions of “unemployed” people from the criteria it is quite simple to create a facade which fictitiously makes it appear as if the unemployment rate is coming down ….. even though the exact opposite is true.

Why? The simplest question to answer with respect to the charade the Federal Government is playing on the people by far, as it is nothing more than a continuation of the five decade indoctrination program initiated back in the 1950′s and 1960′s.

The Obama administration understands full well that the vast majority of the people in the U.S. view the unemployment rate as their barometer as to whether the economy is getting better or getting worse, knowing that if the people see the rate consistently dropping they will assume that the future will bring better times, when in fact, no such indication exists!

The Federal Government preys upon the people’s “ignorance” and their lack of information which of course stemmed from fifty plus years of methodically indoctrinating the people while at the same time taking over the nations news media in order to fill the heads of the American people with the propaganda designed to steer the people into a feeble state of weakness, and eventually will become incapable of defending their rights, freedoms, and liberties!

If an economy was indeed improving, getting stronger, as being proclaimed by the Obama administration, why is it then that more, not less people were being forced into poverty, and why were millions upon millions of people being forced to rely on Food Stamps, in fact, twice the number of people in 2009?

The “nucleus” of the U.S. Government’s agenda, and primary purpose for promoting this massive con job on the American people is all about one thing, which is Globalism, the New World Order, and the One World Government!

For it is the United Nation’s which Obama and many others in our government serve, not we the people, as they have embraced the evil concept of a one world ruler. According to the United Nations, the United States must be toppled, weakened, and its people must be forced into subservience, and bow down to the United Nations.

Our rights, freedoms, and liberties must be confiscated, for Communism is about controlling, and ruling over the masses.


Please ally with us in our fight to reclaim our authority righteously.



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