Unemployment Voodoo!

Monday, April 11th, 2016 @ 4:21AM

Recently, Barack Obama proclaimed that during his 6 years in office he has created 11 million jobs!


Unfortunately, far too many people will simply assume that he was providing them with factual information, irregardless of the fact that Barack Obama is incapable of telling the truth regarding anything. As a Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” follower Obama’s number one creed in life is “the ends justify the means” in which deception is at the core.


Well, his claim that he created 11 million jobs most definitely qualifies as a “big” lie, which like most lies are easy to refute if one merely gathers the factual information pertaining to the lie. In this case, the Unemployment situation in America.


Please Note: To validate, or dispute the claim that Obama created 11 million jobs, and as such is the reason why the Unemployment Rate has continued to get smaller, we merely need to compare the factual data from 2008 with today’s;


As of this date in 2008 the total number of people in the US workforce was 145.6 million; compared with the current number of 148.4 people, depicts that during the past six years the size of the workforce only increased by 2.8 million people, yet, during the same time span, the number of people “NOT” in the workforce increased from 79.5 million in 2008 to 92.5 million today, a total increase in the number of people no longer in the workforce of 13 million people.


In essence; for every 1 job created over the past six years over 3 were lost!
The true Unemployment Rate in America today is not the “fictitious” reported by the government, it is now over 23% if one uses the same criteria used prior to 2009, before Obama perverted how the criteria would be applied!


There is no question that Barack Obama considers a majority of the American people as idiots, who are incapable of understanding even the most basic aspects of our economy and government!


With respect to those who continue to support and trust him he is absolutely correct!

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